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  • gasm confections edible vegan cookie dough
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GASM confections

GASM O.G Pro-Dough

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Do you love snacking but hate the guilt that comes with it? Introducing GASM OG Pro-Dough, the healthy snack that satisfies your sweet tooth! 

Just because something is sweet doesn’t mean it has to be laced with chemicals and calories. G.A.S.M. Guiltless Allergen Safe Morsels was founded on the principle that just because cookies don’t come from a garden (although that’d be pretty cool), doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be as close to healthy as possible.

Quality ingredients:
• Protein Packed
• Gluten Free
• Nut Free
• Dairy Free
•Soy Free
• Egg Free
• 100% Vegan Friendly
• Low Fat
• Low Carb

Each ingredient in G.A.S.M. products is carefully selected to deliver the highest quality and inevitably, the best taste. Every bite delivers a protein-packed, addictively sweet explosion of taste buds without the aftermath that food sensitivities have to offer. Because after all, people with food allergies suffer enough, so why should their palate face the same fate?

The bottom-line . . . whether you have food allergies or are just simply looking to curb that insatiable sweet tooth, G.A.S.M.’s got you covered with our wide range of protein cookie flavors, irresistible Mighty Bites, and undeniable fan-favorite Pro-Doughs.


Pea Protein Isolate, Gluten Free Flour, Truvia Brown Sugar, Truvia, Allergen Free Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Allergen Free White Chocolate, Applesauce, Coconut Oil, Chocolate Sprinkles, Vanilla Extract and Salt

Suggested Use

Snack FAQ

Are overnight oats considered meals?
Not necessarily, our overnight oats are technically healthy snack items.

How long is the BuffDoe edible cookie dough fresh for?
BuffDoe is fresh for 21 days in a refrigerator after receiving & must be refrigerated and consumed within 7 days of opening.

Is there added sugar in the muffins/oats?
No added sugars. We do use sweeteners such as truvia, brown sugar truvia & erythritol.

How long are the oats good for once opened?
Oats are good for 3 days after being opened & can be frozen.

Is Buffdoe Gluten Free & Vegan?
Unfortunately most of our Buffdoe products are not gluten free, and we do use whey protein so it's not 100% vegan. We also process it in a facility that uses dairy & gluten.

Is Buffin Muffins gluten free?
Buffins ARE NOT gluten free, please contact us for other snacks.

How do you make the BuffDoe edible cookie dough healthy & safe to eat?
Buff Doe’s cookie dough is safe-to-eat raw. We only use a few healthy ingredients in each jar, & no raw eggs are ever used, so there's no risk of getting sick like you would with traditional cookie dough! So go ahead, dig into this delicious treat - spoon first or cookie it (heat in the oven or microwave) if you'd prefer baked cookies instead!

Is your BuffDoe Safe for kids to eat?
Absolutely! In fact our baker Liana serves it to her son Theo all the time.

I have a peanut allergy, can I still eat BuffDoe?
Unfortunately Buff Doe is processed in a facility that uses peanuts & walnuts, so we would advise against it.

Can I feed BuffDoe to my pet?
No! Don't feed your pets Buff Doe! They'll get sick and we would hate for that to happen.

How long will my BuffDoe Cookie Dough last?
If you store your seasonal flavors in the fridge or freezer, they'll stay fresh for up to two weeks. But it won't last that long, you'll want to eat it immediately!

Shipping FAQ

How do you ship BuffDoe & all the snacks so they stay fresh?
We use insulation & ice packs to ensure it stays slightly chilled during delivery, even if it's room temperature upon arrival.

When do you have to order by for pickups?

Local orders are due on Fridays & Sundays. Orders placed by Friday 11:59pm can be picked up or delivered as soon as that Sunday. Orders placed by Sunday 11:59pm can be picked up as early as Wednesday between 10am-7pm at all locations

How does regular shipping work?

We ship Mon-Thurs (Fridays as well for tri-state New York area). Your order is prepared & shipped within 24 hours of being placed. Orders placed Thursday by 12pm will be prepared Sunday & shipped Monday. We only use next day shipping & your package is secured with temper evident tape, ice bags & bubble pillows.

Can I pick up individual meals in stores at any time?
Yes! You can walk in & purchase as little as 1 meal or snack at any of our locations. Click on the contact tab to view store info.

Do all 5 locations have pickups?
Yes! all 5 locations offer pick ups and are always stocked with fresh meals you can buy individually.

How far do you deliver?
We currently deliver in Nassau & Suffolk counties on long island, but we also offer deliveries all across the US including NYC & the boroughs.

How much is the local delivery fee?
Local delivery fee for Suffolk & Nassau is$15 & anywhere in the US is either$25or$45depending on the speed you prefer.

When will I know when my meals are coming?
Nassau, & Suffolk Counties receive deliveries on Sundays & Wednesdays. If you selected Long Island delivery, you'll get a text when they're on their way. If you selected store pickup, we'll contact you via email when your meals are ready for pickup. If you selected shipping, you'll get an email when your order has shipped. Delivery can be made if you are not home.

What if I am not home for my local delivery?
It shouldn't be too much of a problem as our meals are protected with an insulated package. You can always contact us though if you're worried about your meals.