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Just because something is sweet doesn’t mean it has to be laced with chemicals and calories. G.A.S.M. Guiltless Allergen Safe Morsels was founded on the principle that just because cookies don’t come from a garden (although that’d be pretty cool), doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be as close to healthy as possible. Each ingredient in G.A.S.M. products is carefully selected to deliver the highest quality and inevitably, the best taste. Every bite delivers a protein-packed, addictively sweet explosion of taste buds without the aftermath that food sensitivities have to offer. Because after all, people with food allergies suffer enough, so why should their palate face the same fate? The bottom-line . . . whether you have food allergies or are just simply looking to curb that insatiable sweet tooth, G.A.S.M.’s got you covered with our wide range of protein cookie flavors, irresistible Mighty Bites, and undeniable fan-favorite Pro-Doughs.

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